Re-thinking Vertical Management

By Stephen A. Carter
If the total cost of ownership is truly vetted, high-rise solutions for correctional facilities have many advantages.

Trendspotting: Evidence-Based Planning

By Stephen Carter
In the past several months I have had the sobering experience of re-examining bed-space projections that I helped create in the mid-2000s.

Safe & Humane

By Stephen A. Carter
The challenges of stabilization and incarceration following conflict and crisis.

Taking on Solomon

By Stephen A. Carter
Rarely are designers required to consider an alternate use of a criminal justice facility beyond a projected 30-year life span, even though the current tilt towards sustainable buildings suggests just that.

Reformation Realities

By Stephen A. Carter
Perhaps no state has spent more money to evaluate options for improving the medical services for inmates than California.

Trendspotting: Assisting Haiti

By Stephen A. Carter
When Bad Things Happen to Good People: By now, miles of videotape depicting the destruction in Haiti are imprinted in our minds.


By Stephen A. Carter
Happy New Year! It’s hard to imagine that we were so concerned about Y2K and the simultaneous meltdown of global ATMs a decade ago when now it’s what is not in the bank’s vaults that seems to be of greater concern.

Trendspotting: To the Higher Ground

By Stephen A. Carter
Whether we are considering governing, choosing, designing, operating, or financing, the scramble for consensus has brought correctional design and operations to a new level of mediocrity. The shove by the Academy of Architecture for Justice toward evidenced-based design decisions should be welcomed, yet the majority of the architect’s choices remain those acceptable to a vocal individual or a committee unwilling to embrace conflict as a part of the creative process.

Trendspotting: The Crisis in Corrections

By Stephen A. Carter
Winston Churchill reputedly declared, “If you want to see the soul of a society, look into its prisons.”

Trendspotting: The Footprints of David Parrish

By Stephen A. Carter
We have this agreement around my home and office that we don’t discuss the R-word: retirement. In the solitude of my own thoughts, anxiety about exercising my age-gifted perk grips me momentarily, but soon passes as I approach yet another TSA screening lane.