Using your Existing Camera System to Inform Building Upgrades

By Meredith Berman
With the many renovations occurring around the country, owners with an existing camera-monitoring system will be happy to know they have a head start on planning their new spaces. Employing their cameras to work as behavioral agents, owners can create person-flow studies that will quantitatively and qualitatively inform their renovation needs. Most importantly, the results of these preliminary studies make it easier to communicate these needs to an owner’s selected design team.

Less-than-Lethal Active Denial Systems

By Alex and Dorothy Fox
The law enforcement and corrections communities are always looking for new less-than-lethal technologies to add to their arsenal to effectively deal with a myriad of scenarios that call for some level of force. No single less-than-lethal technology fits every situation. Some are designed to target one individual while others are intended for use on multiple subjects. Existing options include tasers, rubber bullets, chemical agents, sound cannons, water cannons, slippery foam, electro-muscular disruption technology, special impact munitions and temporary visual impairment devices.

powerPerfector Expands to North American Market

London-based powerPerfector has announced the expansion of its Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) technology to the North American market through a partnership with the Enercorr Voltage Optimization Systems, based in Canada.

California and Texas Invest in Cell Phone Blocking Technology

California and Texas may be considered opposites on the political spectrum, but the two states do have the same philosophy when it comes to cell phones in state prisons.