California Gov. Brown Seeks to Cut Billions in Prison Construction

California may slash $4.1 billion in construction plans, bring back inmates housed in other states and close one of its costliest facilities.

Stockton Project Bid Winners Announced

STOCKTON, Calif. — Joint venture Hensel Phelps-Granite was named as the primary contractor to design and build the first phase of the $900 million prison medical facility project near Stockton.

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While the Stockton Chamber of Commerce may have taken federal receivership and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to court in response to the new correctional medical facility that is now being built there, they are now completely in favor of the project.

Stockton Welcomes New Correctional Facility

Correctional News Podcast
Having won concessions in a legal battle, the Stockton Chamber of Commerce has thrown its support behind a new correctional medical facility.

$272.9 Million Courthouse Goes for LEED Gold

By Sameea Kamal
The new Stockton, Calif. courthouse will include several sustainable features — enough to qualify for LEED Gold.