Ascending From the Ashes: Are We Turning the Corner?

By Stephen A. Carter
Once I was in Heliopolis, the “sun city,” or at least the place where the ancient city once stood. This was in the late 1960s, a few months after the seven-day war between Israel and Egypt.

Safe & Humane

By Stephen A. Carter
The challenges of stabilization and incarceration following conflict and crisis.

Trendspotting: To the Higher Ground

By Stephen A. Carter
Whether we are considering governing, choosing, designing, operating, or financing, the scramble for consensus has brought correctional design and operations to a new level of mediocrity. The shove by the Academy of Architecture for Justice toward evidenced-based design decisions should be welcomed, yet the majority of the architect’s choices remain those acceptable to a vocal individual or a committee unwilling to embrace conflict as a part of the creative process.

Trendspotting: The Crisis in Corrections

By Stephen A. Carter
Winston Churchill reputedly declared, “If you want to see the soul of a society, look into its prisons.”

Trendspotting: The Footprints of David Parrish

By Stephen A. Carter
We have this agreement around my home and office that we don’t discuss the R-word: retirement. In the solitude of my own thoughts, anxiety about exercising my age-gifted perk grips me momentarily, but soon passes as I approach yet another TSA screening lane.

Trendspotting: Protective Exclusions

By Steven A. Carter
For the correctional component of the criminal justice system, many examples of protective exclusion exist. Every state and local correctional system recognizes the need for a protective custody capability.

Trendspotting: New Math

By Stephen A. Carter
Stephen A. Carter, of Carter Goble Lee, gives his perspective on direct supervision.

Trendspotting: Revealing Choices

By Stephen A. Carter
The recently released Pew Center report on incarceration in the United States leaves little doubt that we are No. 1. We now incarcerate one in every 100 Americans.

Trendspotting: The Green Revolution

By Stephen A. Carter
Stephen A. Carter offers his perspective on reducing the environmental footprint of corrections.

Trendspotting: Promising Linkages

By Stephen A. Carter
I confess to being a seasonal person and the time between Thanksgiving and the new year usually finds me anticipating both the prospect of old and new connections through conventional methods of meeting and greeting, as well as the exchange of holiday cards. Even the unimaginative exchange of pre-selected “e-greetings” becomes slightly more tolerable.