Realignment Impacts Space Issues for High Security Inmates

In 2011, California passed several bills that called for prison realignment in the state as a way to cut costs in the budget, as well as cut California’s prison population.

Not All in Agreement Over Realignment

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to move nonviolent criminals and parolees from state operated prisons to county facilities may put a strain on local services.

Prison Realignment Sparks Lively Debate

By Lisa Kopochinski
It’s no surprise that AB109, California’s new inmate transfer bill — or “realignment” — is a contentious issue. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise when tempers remained relatively calm at a recent conference in Sacramento on this very topic, allowing for a constructive debate to take place between invited panelists and those in attendance.

California Report: An Early Look at Realignment Impacts

In the months following the enactment of California’s historic 2011 criminal justice realignment legislation, local governments have undoubtedly faced significant challenges. While it is too early to determine any successes of realignment, if fully and permanently funded, it has the opportunity to successfully cut costs, improve local law enforcement supervision, and improve offender outcomes. From a population management perspective, one of the most notable impacts is the increase in jail populations from the influx of realigned offenders since October 1st. In the planning stage for realignment, the California Department of Finance (DOF) made estimates for population increases that sheriffs’ departments could expect as a result of realigned inmate populations including new offenders and parole violators. A significant number of counties have reported jail population increases at a much higher rate than were expected based on DOF projections. It is possible this is the result of a short-term bubble or it could be a sign of something more troubling and systemic.

California Report: Jail Construction Funding Update

By: Nick Warner, Managing Partner, Warner & Pank LLC
The State of California, having now enacted historic criminal justice realignment, continues to pursue AB 900 projects for local jail construction as part of the ongoing efforts and commitment to increasing local jail capacity.