Riverside County Denied More State Funding

A past award to expand the Indio jail stopped Riverside County’s effort to attain $80 million more in state funding this year to renovate the 1,520-bed Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in Banning.

Mendocino County Seeks Post-Realignment Funding

By Jessie Fetterling
County jails will be competing for the about $500 million from Governor Jerry Brown’s 2015-2016 budget proposal allotted to the latest round of facilities funding to help offset the effects of California realignment, aka AB 109. Although the state has provided about $1.7 billion for new jail construction — $1.2 billion from AB 900 and $500 million from SB 1022 — since AB 109 was passed in 2011, not all of the counties needing help have received jail construction funding. One of those counties is Mendocino County in Northern California.

Santa Clara County Moves Forward with Jail Plan

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously last month to take steps toward the construction of a new jail in San Jose.

Adelanto Detention Center Meets Demands of Realignment

Initially designed to add 896 beds, the expansion of the Adelanto Detention Center will include an additional 1,368 to meet the demands of the California realignment act.

Will Florida Follow in California’s Path?

Some counties in Florida are worried about a current proposal on the table that could shift about 5,600 inmates from state prisons to county jails.

California Report: End of Legislative Session Update

By Nick Warner and Danielle Higgs
The California Legislature has concluded business for the year and Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012 was Governor Brown’s deadline to act on all legislation pending on his desk for the 2012 legislative session.

California Realignment Picture Comes into Focus

By Joshua Sebold
California became the primary guinea pig in the prison industry after federal judges ordered the cash-strapped state to reduce its prison population within two years, starting in May of 2011, due to unsafe levels of prison overcrowding, a ruling later upheld by the Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania Passes Prison Reform

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed Senate Bill 100 into law on July 9, 2012, after unanimous approval in both chambers of the legislature.

Ask The Warden

Correctional News columnist Tony Turpin offers expert advice for the corrections industry. Turpin retired with 30 years of service with the Georgia Department of Corrections, beginning as a corrections officer in 1980 and finishing as a state supervisor. In 2007, Turpin became a founding partner and principal with Detention Management Group, and a principal with Southern and Associates.

New Solano County Jail to Help Balance Inmate Population

By Torrey Sims
Solano County has design plans in hand for a new jail in Fairfield, Calif., which will help combat overcrowding in the county’s two other jail facilities. The county is currently seeking contracting bids for the project, which is slated for completion in 2014.