Prison Reform Bill Introduced in Colorado

A new prison reform bill has been introduced to the Colorado House of Representatives that would potentially improve reentry reintegration and initiatives for adult offenders. The bill was co-sponsored by Republic Representative Bob Gardner of Colorado Springs and Daniel Kagan, a Democrat from Denver.

Alabama Poised to Establish Prison Reform Task Force

Alabama state senators hope their recent approval of a new task force will help determine the cause of the state’s growing prison overcrowding problem, and offer potential solutions.

Holder Proposes New Developments in Drug Sentencing

By Audrey Arthur
The time is now to modernize prison sentencing, according to Attorney General Eric Holder. In a speech to the American Bar Association, the attorney general said the criminal justice system should take a more focused effort to reduce crimes of violence and reconsider the current standards of mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related crimes. Several changes in the Justice Department’s handling of prison sentences were announced.

Texas Business Powerhouse Calls for Prison Reform

A very large political wind has shifted in the state of Texas. The Texas Association of Business (TAB), known as the most powerful business lobbying group in the Lone Star State, recently made criminal justice reform one of its main legislative priorities.

South Dakota Examines Prison Reform

Prison reform has been a background theme in our country for years, existing primarily as a philosophical debate about how our country should address crime and human failings.