Florida Judge Limits Privatization of Prison Health Care

A judge in Florida blocked efforts by the state’s Department of Corrections to privatize the delivery of health care in its prisons in an early December ruling.

Prison Privatization Proposal Seems Doomed in New Hampshire

A long-discussed proposal to privatize prisons in New Hampshire appears to be on its last legs due to changes in the state’s political landscape after November’s election.

Private Immigration Companies Under Scrutiny

While public employees in the prison sector are sweating it out, hoping they don’t lose the perpetual game of budget bingo being played out across the country, the private prison industry that houses illegal immigrants has been flourishing.

Private Prisons Save Money, Report Says

The Reason Foundation recently released a report examining the fiscal effects of privatization on prison costs in California, suggesting that privatization could save the state hundreds of millions of dollars in prison costs each year.

Fla. Prison Privatization Questioned

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A small group of politically influential companies could be awarded a contract worth millions of dollars in a legislative effort to privatize Florida’sprisonhealthcare services, according to reports.

Prison Privatization Debate Erupts in Louisiana

Central Louisiana lawmakers will support corrections workers in their fight to keep area prisons from privatizing, state Rep. Robert Johnson told a gathering in Pineville recently.

Maine Considering Prison Privatization Bill

By Helen Christophi
One month after nominating a former Corrections Corp. of America warden for Correction's Commissioner, the state of Maine is now considering the privatization of its prison system.

Ohio Gov.’s Former Advisor To Lobby State for CCA

Newly-elected Gov. John Kasich’s long-time advisor and former congressional chief of staff Don Thibaut will lobby the administration on behalf of Corrections Corp. of America.

Miami-Dade to Privatize Inmate Medical Care

By Helen Christophi
Jackson Health System has asked its subsidiary, Prison Health Services, to negotiate a contract to provide private healthcare services for inmates under the custody and control of the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department.

Maine Gov.’s DOC Selection Ruffles Feathers

By Helen Christophi
Gov. Paul LePage has nominated Joseph Ponte to head Maine’s Department of Corrections. Ponte is currently a warden at Nevada Southern Detention Center, which is owned by Corrections Corp. of America.