Report Shows Prison Population Increases, Decreases

The Sentencing Project, a Washington-based research and advocacy group, released new data on April 8 showing incarceration trends across the U.S.

Court Gives California Two Years to Lower Prison Population

On Feb. 10, a three-judge panel approved the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s proposal for a two-year extension to Feb. 28, 2016 to reduce the state’s prison population to 137.5 percent capacity.

Canada’s Prison Numbers and Costs Are Rising

Ontario — Canada's prisons were a little fuller last year, with an almost 1 percent increase in the rate of adults serving time, according to the Toronto Sun.

Longer Stays for Utah Sex Offenders

Inmates in Utah are seeing longer stays in the state’s prisons — an average of three months longer behind bars since 2011. The problem is due to an increase of inmates and not enough funding for treatment programs, especially for sex offenders.

Kansas and Washington Face Overcrowding

States throughout the U.S. are experiencing record high incarceration rates — including Kansas. The state’s Department of Corrections is addressing the issue and working on predicting where more problems could lie in the future.