Podcast: Green Behind Bars

By Sameea Kamal
James Jiler, author of Doing Time in the Garden, discusses the therapeutic and environmental benefits of gardening programs at correctional facilities.

PODCAST: Correctional Healthcare Architecture

Gregory Cook of HOK discusses Correctional Health Professional certification and what he sees as the future of correctional healthcare architecture.

PODCAST: William Prindle, HDR Justice Director

William Prindle II has joined HDR Architecture, Inc., after 17 years with rival HOK. We talk with Prindle, as well as HDR Senior Vice President, Roger Stewart, about the state of correctional architecture and what prompted the career move.

PODCAST: Warden of the Year

After retiring from the Georgia Department of Corrections in 1998, Ralph Kemp joined Corrections Corporation of America in 2000. He is currently the warden at the company’s Wheeler Correctional Facility in Alamo, Ga.

PODCAST: The Gardens of Alcatraz

Check out the debut Correctional News podcast! Alcatraz Island, a historic prison and tourist destination, has a secret past that dates back more than a hundred years.