Los Angeles Predicts Big Spending, Including Prison Funding

Los Angeles County is hoping to spend at least a hefty $100 million alone on resolving the ongoing issues in the county involving health care and mainly prisons.

Bentonville to Expand Prison Facility

Benton County Officials in Bentonville have been researching the potential expansion of their county correctional facility.

Nebraska Senators Seek Solutions for Prison Troubles

A group of government officials have recently developed a list of solutions for the growing number of prisoners in Nebraska.

Lafayette County to Replace 124-Year-Old Jail

Lafayette County commissioners recently approved a $31 million jail facility in Pittsburgh.

Sheriff and County Commissioner Hope for New Jail in Ohio

Ohio’s Fairfield County is under the microscope, again, as its three jail buildings recently failed a state inspection. The county has not passed a state inspection in 25 years. After decades of failed reviews, Sheriff Dave Phalen is saying it is time for a new facility.

PODCAST: Brown Files New Prison Plan to Reduce Population

By Audrey Arthur
In order to meet a federal court-mandated deadline and evade being held in contempt, Gov. Jerry Brown filed a new prison plan late Thursday night that aims to reduce overcrowding in the state’s prisons over the next year.

Brown Given Stern Deadline to Fix Overcrowding

California Governor Jerry Brown has been given 21 days to reduce the number of inmates from the state’s 33 correctional facilities or will be held in contempt, according to federal judges.

Much-Needed Jail Breaks Ground in Georgia

A new jail in Effingham County recently broke ground in response to severe inmate overcrowding in the area. Ground was broken on the project in late February and is expected to take around two years to complete.

Kansas and Washington Face Overcrowding

States throughout the U.S. are experiencing record high incarceration rates — including Kansas. The state’s Department of Corrections is addressing the issue and working on predicting where more problems could lie in the future.

Iowa Facing Serious Overcrowding

Iowa was able to restore its prison system after letting the prison population get out of hand in the 1970s