Pa. Returns Out Of State Inmates

HARRISBURG, Pa. — After spending over a year in Michigan prisons to relieve overcrowding, about 1,100 Pennsylvania inmates have been brought back to their home state, according to Pennsylvania officials.

Supreme Court Orders Calif. To Release Inmates

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Supreme Court has ordered California to release tens of thousands of prisoners to relieve overcrowding.

Legal Challenges to Drive Calif. Prison Construction

By Helen Christophi
There is no end in sight to California’s prison woes. Last month the state’s newly elected Gov. Jerry Brown proposed moving low-level offenders from state prisons to county jails to ease the state’s $28 billion deficit.

County Sheriffs Doubt Calif. Prison Proposal

California sheriffs say county jails are overcrowded, casting doubt on Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to transfer 40,000 low-level offenders from state to county jails.

CA Gov. Proposes Moving State Inmates to Local Jails

California’s new Governor Jerry Brown will propose moving low-level offenders from state prisons to county jails as part of his plan to reduce the state’s $28 billion deficit.

Texas County to Build New Jail

Commissioners in Coryell County, Texas approved the construction of a new jail to help alleviate overcrowding. The current 92-bed capacity jail is approximately 50 beds short of the number needed to house the inmate population by 2027.

Overcrowding Issues Lead to Tennessee Inmate Transfer

Female inmates in the Stewart County Jail in Dover, Tenn., are now being housed in another facility in nearby Henry County due to the jail losing its certification from the state.

California Sends More Inmates Out of State

Still under pressure to reduce the number of inmates in its crowded prisons, California has steadily increased the number of convicts it sends to private institutions outside the state since Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger began the program in 2006.

Overcrowding Solutions

While the U.S. economy remains in flux and correctional agencies run on bare-bones budgets, jurisdictions are finding savings and efficiencies with quick-installation temporary and permanent structures.

Innovation in Tight Times

By Lisa Kopochinski
An alternative to chronic correctional facility overcrowding is becoming more prevalent as jails across the country continue to struggle with budget issues — and reach out to temporary/permanent housing solutions.