Federal Funding Aimed at Oregon Youth Offenders

The State of Oregon recently received federal funding for a project aimed at stopping youth criminal offenders from reoffending.

Oregon Prison Closure due to Budget Cuts

As the result of $2.5 million in budget cuts, the 176-bed minimum-security prison in Salem shut its doors in late October. The closure of the men’s facility has required 118 prisoners to be transferred to nearby Oregon State Penitentiary.

Oregon Projects Population Growth in 2012

Oregon’s 14,000-inmate prison population will enter a period of significant growth beginning 2012 before leveling off by the end of the decade, according to official projections.

GSA Design Awards: Oregon Courthouse Scores Multiple Honors

Oregon’s Wayne Lyman Morse U.S. Courthouse and the San Francisco federal building scooped the top architecture honors in the 2008 General Services Administration’s Design Excellence Program.  The GSA’s 2008 biennial design awards, released in March, recognize 18 federal projects with awards and citations for design, art and construction excellence. The Morse courthouse in Eugene, Ore., and San Francisco’s federal building, both designed by Morphosis Architecture, received the architectural honor awards.

Designing for Special-Needs Inmates

By Robert Colpean and Todd Iverson
In 2005, an exploratory team was formed at Washington County Jail in Hillsboro, Ore., to develop and evaluate a more effective housing solution for vulnerable or at-risk inmates. Based on the findings of the pilot study of the Special Needs Pod program, the SNP is now a permanent fixture at the jail.

New Horizons: A View From the Ridge

New horizons in programming, sustainability and design at Oregon’s Deer Ridge Correctional Institution.