Ohio Leads the Way in Youthful Offender Programming

By Lindsey Coulter
In the early 1990s, the state of Ohio was balancing a youth offender population of 2,500 and was poised for a near crisis in youth offender management. However, a report by Juvenile Justice Coalition released on Oct. 26 highlighting Ohio deincarceration programs showed the state is now leading the way in rehabilitating this unique population, at a significant cost savings to taxpayers.

Ohio to End Solitary Confinement for Juveniles

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has settled a lawsuit against the State of Ohio to end what it deemed unlawful seclusion of youth in juvenile correctional facilities. According to a release issued by the DOJ, the United States and private plaintiffs have reached an agreement with the state under which the Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS) will dramatically reduce, and eventually eliminate, its use of seclusion on young people.