Md. Youth Jail To Be Scaled Back

BALTIMORE — Construction of a juvenile detention center in East Baltimore could be delayed by a year after state prison officials announced they would reduce the size of the proposed $70 million facility.

Jail Tax Creates Controversy in Okla.

EL RENO, Okla. — The Canadian County sheriff wants a new jail - just not right now.

N.C. Youth Center Closing Due to Budget Crisis

Officials announced this week they will be closing Swannanoa Valley Youth Development Center and Woodson Wilderness Challenge program to cut costs.

Moving Juveniles Will Save Millions, Experts Say

Gov. Jerry Brown says his proposal to eliminate California’s youth prisons and house juvenile offenders in county jails would save the state almost half a billion dollars next fiscal year and $1.4 billion annually while relieving prison overcrowding.

California Youth Facility Closure Could Save Millions

Plans to shut down the Preston Youth Correctional Facility — something that could save the state tens of millions of dollars — is running into opposition.

Michigan Mulls Privatization of Juvenile Justice

In an effort to make up a $2.8 billion shortfall in statewide revenue, Republican state legislators introduced a bill that would complete the privatization of Michigan’s juvenile justice system.

Pima County Upgrades Juvenile Facility for Violent Offenders

Pima County is spending almost $1.2 million to upgrade its juvenile detention facility to house violent juvenile offenders currently held at the county jail.

Detention School: An Incarceration Alternative

By Dan Rowe, AIA
The solution to the overcrowding problem at a juvenile facility in Kansas was detention school — a facility that offers enough of a deterrent that youth do not want to return, while at the same time allowing them to avoid detention.