ICER Combats ‘The Invisible Threat’

By Jonathan Klein
For decades now, a nearly invisible security threat has imperiled the safety of correctional staff, the public, and inmates at literally every correctional facility in the nation. Now, Correctional News has learned that inmate telephone service providers have begun working with a leading provider of correctional intelligence and security technology to offer an effective solution for this problem.

Inmate-to-Inmate Phone Calls Found to Be a Significant Security Threat

JLG Technologies and Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions), a Keefe Group Company, recently developed new technology that can detect every time an inmate at a correctional facility communicates with another inmate — whether at another facility, within the same facility, different facilities under the same agency or inmates in different states, assuming both facilities have the technology.

Correctional News Participates in Technology-Centered Executive Focus Group

Correctional News participated in a collaborative forum to help executives identify agency needs regarding the use of inmate telephones in investigations.