Brown Signs New Prison Population Plan Into Law

Following a bitter battle between California Gov. Jerry Brown and a three-judge federal panel, lawmakers have approved a $315 million plan to bring California’s prison population in compliance with federal orders.

PODCAST: Brown Files New Prison Plan to Reduce Population

By Audrey Arthur
In order to meet a federal court-mandated deadline and evade being held in contempt, Gov. Jerry Brown filed a new prison plan late Thursday night that aims to reduce overcrowding in the state’s prisons over the next year.

Brown Given Stern Deadline to Fix Overcrowding

California Governor Jerry Brown has been given 21 days to reduce the number of inmates from the state’s 33 correctional facilities or will be held in contempt, according to federal judges.

Jeff Beard: The New Name in California Corrections

There is a new boss in California who is getting major buzz for his stance on sentencing reform. Gov. Jerry Brown recently appointed Jeff Beard as the state’s new corrections secretary. Beard is a vocal advocate of alternative sentencing laws that move non-serious criminals into community treatment programs rather than state lockup.