Iowa State Penitentiary Receives First Inmates

More than 500 Iowa inmates were relocated to the state’s $132 million penitentiary in Fort Madison on Aug. 1. The maximum-security facility was completed more than two years ago, however ongoing operational and maintenance issues had delayed the inmate transfer.

Iowa Agrees to Pay Prison Contractor $7 Million

The Iowa State Appeal Board finally agreed to pay $7 million more to the general contractor to resolve a dispute that delayed the opening of the new maximum-security prison in Fort Madison.

Iowa Prison to Cost $7 Million More to Open

The new 800-bed Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison still remains empty, almost a year and a half after a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in October 2013.

Iowa Upgrades Correctional System with Two New Facilities

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad recently cut the ribbon on two newly constructed Iowa prisons, significantly improving and modernizing the state’s correctional system. Both the Iowa State Penitentiary and Iowa Correctional Institution for Women will replace their aging original facilities, improve efficiency and better prepare inmates for release.

Iowa Governor Attempting to Close 10-year-old Prison

The Clinical Care Unit (CCU) at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison is about to be closed after only 10 years of use. The state spent $26 million to construct the 200-bed mental health facility but is now mothballing it in preparation for the opening of a new $117 million maximum-security prison.