Iowa State Penitentiary Receives First Inmates

More than 500 Iowa inmates were relocated to the state’s $132 million penitentiary in Fort Madison on Aug. 1. The maximum-security facility was completed more than two years ago, however ongoing operational and maintenance issues had delayed the inmate transfer.

Iowa Upgrades Correctional System with Two New Facilities

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad recently cut the ribbon on two newly constructed Iowa prisons, significantly improving and modernizing the state’s correctional system. Both the Iowa State Penitentiary and Iowa Correctional Institution for Women will replace their aging original facilities, improve efficiency and better prepare inmates for release.

Iowa Addresses Prison Overcrowding

A new construction program and coordination with the Board of Parole should reduce overcrowding at Iowa prisons, according to state Corrections Director John Baldwin.

Iowa Gov. Dismisses Parole Board Members

Gov. Terry Branstad terminated three members of the Iowa Board of Parole last week who were appointed by his predecessor, Gov. Chet Culver. Branstad plans to replace them with his own appointees.