Q&A: Engineering a Top Jail Health Care Facility

By Lindsey Coulter
In recent years, the line between correctional facilities and mental health facilities has blurred. Jails and prisons are now some of the largest de facto mental health providers in the country, and many county jails in dense metro areas are seeing more inmates in need of mental health services. However, as inmate populations age, providing both basic and more advanced medical care is also becoming a major concern.

California Judges Rule on Inmate Health Care Suit

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against an inmate who sued the state for damages for denial of health care.

Louisiana Improves Inmate Health Care With Telemedicine

Following the abrupt closure of the Earl K. Long Medical Center in April, Louisiana prison officials quickly began the search for an additional prison health care provider. Rather than continue to send inmates to outside institutions, officials have turned to telemedicine to fill the gap.

The Five Faces of America's Looming Correctional Health Crisis

By Alexa K. Apallas
Any one of the five predicaments described below can hobble a correctional system. But put all of them together and disaster looms.