CTA Summit Allows for Technological Dialogue

The Corrections Technology Association held its 13th annual summit with sessions titled “Innovative Cross-Jurisdictional Data Sharing,” “Implementation Initiatives/Lessons Learned,” and “Solving Correctional Problems with Innovative Technologies.”

ICER Combats ‘The Invisible Threat’

By Jonathan Klein
For decades now, a nearly invisible security threat has imperiled the safety of correctional staff, the public, and inmates at literally every correctional facility in the nation. Now, Correctional News has learned that inmate telephone service providers have begun working with a leading provider of correctional intelligence and security technology to offer an effective solution for this problem.

Zuercher Technologies Announces Partnership with ICSolutions

Zuercher Technologies LLC, a provider of software for the corrections and public safety industry, announced it has formed a partnership with ICSolutions, a national provider of inmate telephone technologies and services.