Unique Security Impresses with Experience, Expertise

By Jenny Ivy Byrne
Detention Equipment Contractors (DECs) are facing opportunities and challenges in the market. New construction is slow, competition is fierce and many jobs need seasoned DECs. When Unique Security Inc. in Montgomery, Ala., launched in 2009, the company positioned itself into a niche, focusing mainly on preventive maintenance and corrective services, as well as upgrades and integrated system control replacements for county facilities.

Debut of New DEC Company

Detention Equipment Contractors (DECs) are steadily picking up speed again after a couple financially troubling years.

First Families of Corrections

By Candice Dyer
In one of those eager-rookie mistakes, he overreached, and for a couple of moments, Mitch Claborn’s career seemed scuttled before it really had begun. A 16-year-old dreaming of architecture, he was working in a high school co-op program at Willo Products in Decatur, Alabama.

Cerebral Profit & Loss, By the Books

By Candice Dyer
After working around the Southeast in different leadership roles for the region’s steel stalwarts, Randy DeMent went to San Antonio in 1996 to launch the Detention Systems Division of the CCC Group, a nationwide contractor providing industrial construction services, steel and heavy fabrication, manufacturing and specialty engineering and design services for various industries throughout the U.S. and in select foreign markets.

Litigation in Correctional Design and Construction Prequalification of the Trades

By Roger Lichtman
This article addresses some of the issues that counties and states face in terms of potential conflicts between public bidding and procurement laws and the desire to deliver a quality facility at the lowest possible price, quickly.

Reinforcing the Centrality of the Security Controls Function

By William Buursma, Architect and Principal, DLR Group
Central control rooms in detention facilities are often removed from housing and operate exclusively through intercom and video media. The new South Correctional Entity (SCORE) — which serves seven communities with an 813-bed capacity — uses a radial 360° housing array with housing units arranged around a mezzanine-level central control room that allows for direct vision into the units.

2010 Detention Equipment Contractors List

The 2010 Correctional News Detention Equipment Report provides a comprehensive snapshot of the DEC market, with large and small firms.

Southern Folger’s Lean Revolution

By Bryce Hubner
An industry icon is fattening margins by streamlining operations and cutting waste.

Norment Acquires Engineered Control Systems

Detention equipment contractor Norment Security Group continued its recent strategy for expanding market presence with the acquisition of security and life safety electronics manufacturer and integrator Engineered Control Systems.

Sierra Announces September DEC Forum

In response to changes in the Detention Equipment Contracting/Manufacturing sector, a DEC forum has been organized for Sept. 23-26, in Avon, Colo.