Connecticut Repeals Death Penalty

Connecticut has recently become the 17th state to repeal the death penalty. Lawmakers passed the measure with an 86-62 vote in favor of repealing the death penalty in the state.

Growing Discomfort with Death Penalty

High-standing officials, including U.S. Supreme Court justices, have come forward to demand the review and reform of executions throughout the United States.

Hospira Scraps Lethal Injection Drug

The sole American manufacturer of an anesthetic used in lethal injections said Friday that it would cease making the drug due to international constraints.

Report: FDA Covertly Imported Execution Drug

Newly released documents show the Food and Drug Administration covertly imported a certain type of anesthetic to help California and Arizona continue executing inmates.

New Mexico Nixes Death Penalty Amid Uptick in U.S. Executions

Gov. Bill Richardson repealed the death penalty in New Mexico as he signed legislation to replace capital punishment with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment without parole.