California Could See Courthouse Construction Delays

Courthouse construction could be even more scarce in California, depending on the results in Long Beach, Calif. The Court Facilities Working Group voted last week to recommend that four courthouse construction projects in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Fresno and Nevada City be delayed indefinitely if the legislature directs that court construction funds be used to finance the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, according to a statement by the California Courts.

California Judicial Oversight Group Recommends Delays to Seven Courthouse Construction Projects

After two-and-a-half days and 26 hours of public meetings, the Court Facilities Working Group (CFWG) is recommending that seven new courthouse construction projects be indefinitely delayed, one project be moved to the Trial Court Facility Modifications Working Group for consideration, and the remaining 23 projects proceed and move forward subject to funding availability or other considerations.

In California, 13 Projects to Be Reassessed; 24 Others Have Construction Budgets Cut

The Judicial Council endorsed a cost-cutting direction for court construction statewide, including the reassessment of 13 projects and further construction budget trimming on 24 projects. The council approved recommendations from the Court Facilities Working Group that are expected to yield significant, long-term savings throughout the $5 billion program.

California Courthouse Projects Adjust to Budget Squeeze

By: Katherine Alvarez
Dozens of California courthouse construction projects will move forward despite significant funding reductions to the state’s judicial branch.