Law Drafted for Public Operation of Idaho Prisons

Rep. John Gannon, D-Boise, drafted a proposal that would allow state agencies to bid on government work normally reserved for private companies.

Joliet No Longer in Running for Private Immigrant Detention Center

By Audrey Arthur
The Corrections Corporation of American (CCA) announced Monday that it will no longer consider Joliet, Ill. as a potential host city for a new immigrant detention center.

Unique Private Prison Deal Leads to Backlash

A private prison in Ohio has been making headlines in all the wrong ways since the state sold the facility in 2011.

Ohio Shifts Prison Ownership, Operation Structure

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction made changes in the ownership and operation of five prisons, saving the state an estimated $13 million annually and adding an additional 702 beds throughout Ohio’s prison system.

Maine Considering Prison Privatization Bill

By Helen Christophi
One month after nominating a former Corrections Corp. of America warden for Correction's Commissioner, the state of Maine is now considering the privatization of its prison system.

Ohio Gov.’s Former Advisor To Lobby State for CCA

Newly-elected Gov. John Kasich’s long-time advisor and former congressional chief of staff Don Thibaut will lobby the administration on behalf of Corrections Corp. of America.

Maine Gov.’s DOC Selection Ruffles Feathers

By Helen Christophi
Gov. Paul LePage has nominated Joseph Ponte to head Maine’s Department of Corrections. Ponte is currently a warden at Nevada Southern Detention Center, which is owned by Corrections Corp. of America.

GEO Group, CCA Net Out-of-State Contracts for California Inmates

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation awarded GEO Group Inc. the contract for nearly 2,600 additional beds in out-of-state facilities and it's considering a new contract with CCA.

Pressure Point

By Roibín Ó hÉochaidh
Prototypical design and precast housing help CCA’s largest planned facility go on line.

CCA Halts Construction of 2,040-bed Tennessee Facility

Corrections Corporation of America announced the suspension of work on the new $143 million correctional facility in Trousdale County that would have created more than 2,000 new beds.