Lafayette County to Replace 124-Year-Old Jail

Lafayette County commissioners recently approved a $31 million jail facility in Pittsburgh.

Planning for New Jail Now Underway

Members of the Fall River County Planning Committee met on March 7 to discuss a wide range of topics, including how the committee would function, staffing of the proposed jail facility, and construction of a new dispatch center.

Stockton Welcomes New Correctional Facility

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Having won concessions in a legal battle, the Stockton Chamber of Commerce has thrown its support behind a new correctional medical facility.

Mich. County Renews Prison Contracts at Higher Cost

Feeding inmates at the Leelanau County Jail is about to get more expensive. The per-meal cost will increase by 63 percent because the number of inmates is much lower than expected.

FBOP Completes Green Upgrades

The Federal Bureau of Prisons completed energy efficiency, renewable power and water conservation projects that could save more than $2 million annually at two federal prison sites.

Wind Power

By Stephanie Thum
Dorchester Penitentiary, a 466-inmate, medium-security facility in New Brunswick, Canada, is home to the first large-scale wind turbine erected by the Correctional Service of Canada and the largest installation on Canadian government property.

Fuel Cell, Solar Panels Save Energy at Santa Rita

A new fuel cell power plant, coupled with an extensive solar panel system, is capable of providing up to 80 percent of electricity needed at the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County.