Cell Phone Forensics: Recovery and Preservation

By Alex Fox and Dorothy Fox
The illegal introduction of cell phones into prisons continues to be a serious problem at the forefront of security concerns for corrections.

Manson Discovered With Second Cell Phone

Serial killer Charles Manson was caught for a second time with a smuggled cellular phone. The phone was discovered in Manson’s cell at Corcoran State Prison in early January, according to a source at California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Feds Seek Input on Cell Phone Interdiction Solutions

The federal government is seeking input from interested parties regarding technical solutions to the growing problem of contraband cellular phones in correctional facilities.

Cellular Contraband

By Alex Fox
The illicit introduction of cell phones into correctional facilities began to emerge as a serious problem with dangerous public-safety ramifications just a few short years ago.

New Bill Addresses Contraband Cell Phone Use

A new bill that will allow states to petition the Federal Communications Committee for approval to jam or block cell phone signals from within prisons was recently passed by the Senate.