The Maintenance Management Triangle

By Joe Lee
There is a basic premise in photography called the Exposure Triangle. It is the combination of shutter speed, lens aperture and camera sensitivity that combine to make a good photo. Change any one of the three, and the other two must also change in proportion to ensure a quality image. Failing to make the correct adjustments leads to a poor image.

Oil Field Community Addresses Growing Crime with New Jail

By Lindsey Coulter
North Dakota’s Bakken oil field region is an expansive boomtown. The region’s meteoric population growth began in the mid 2000s as oil companies flocked to the area, bringing with them throngs of new workers. While this type of growth is often beneficial for a small community, McKenzie County law enforcement and correctional officials in particular quickly became overwhelmed by the extreme uptick in crime that followed.

Forsyth Courthouse, Jail Scheduled for Spring Debut

Construction on the new Forsyth County Justice Center in Cummings is currently on track to debut this spring. The design includes a five-story courthouse and adjacent jail, both of which are being built to enhance security as well as be flexible for expansion.

Q&A: Design Roundtable

By Jessie Fetterling
Correctional News interviewed leading architects about the current trends and future challenges of the correctional building industry. Gerald Guerrero, AIA, senior vice president for CGL; Mike Retford, vice president, west regional leader of justice for HOK; and Darrell Stelling, AIA, principal for DLR Group each shared valuable industry knowledge from the design perspective.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

By Stephen A. Carter, President and Founder, CGL
Well, we did end 2012 proving the Mayans were not infallible forecasters and that the most ineffective Congress on record could be prodded into action by a threat of two straight days of showing up. We also took timid, but hugely significant steps towards becoming more “European” in our national incarceration rate as we achieved the lowest in three decades.

Plans Move Ahead in Georgia for Jail and Courthouse Project

A lot of change is set to happen in Forsyth County, as plans are moving forward on a major construction project. In early January, the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners were given plans for a new courthouse project and were also briefed on the plans to make it happen, including demolishing the current jail and building two parking garages instead of one.

Crossing Borders: International Corrections in Mexico City

By Stephen A. Carter
Whether the electronic or the paper version is your preference, you probably have noticed that many newspapers offer more extensive international news coverage than in past years.

Trendspotting: Learning by Doing

By Stephen A. Carter
With the scarcity of capital projects over the last several years, one might wonder why Correctional News elected to devote a recent print issue to project management.