SB 9 Signed: Fair Sentencing for Youth Act

On the last day of September, Calif. Governor Jerry Brown announced that he has signed into law the Fair Sentencing for Youth Act, known as Senate Bill 9.

California Judicial Oversight Group Recommends Delays to Seven Courthouse Construction Projects

After two-and-a-half days and 26 hours of public meetings, the Court Facilities Working Group (CFWG) is recommending that seven new courthouse construction projects be indefinitely delayed, one project be moved to the Trial Court Facility Modifications Working Group for consideration, and the remaining 23 projects proceed and move forward subject to funding availability or other considerations.

California Realignment Picture Comes into Focus

By Joshua Sebold
California became the primary guinea pig in the prison industry after federal judges ordered the cash-strapped state to reduce its prison population within two years, starting in May of 2011, due to unsafe levels of prison overcrowding, a ruling later upheld by the Supreme Court.

New Calaveras County Jail Proceeds On Track

By Lisa Kopochinski
When completed in July 2013, the new 160-bed Calaveras County Jail and Sheriff’s Office in San Andreas, Calif., will be a welcome relief. Replacing the current 49-year old overcrowded facility, the new project consists of two buildings — a 76,500-square-foot jail and a 41,500-square-foot sheriff’s office building.

California Report

By Nick Warner, Managing Partner, Warner & Pank LLC, and Danielle Higgs, Legislative Representative/Business Consultant, Warner & Pank LLC
On June 27th the California Legislature passed the remaining budget trailer bills including all those related to corrections and public safety, and the Governor signed all of the bills to complete the 2012-13 budget package.

In California, 13 Projects to Be Reassessed; 24 Others Have Construction Budgets Cut

The Judicial Council endorsed a cost-cutting direction for court construction statewide, including the reassessment of 13 projects and further construction budget trimming on 24 projects. The council approved recommendations from the Court Facilities Working Group that are expected to yield significant, long-term savings throughout the $5 billion program.

California Gov. Brown Seeks to Cut Billions in Prison Construction

California may slash $4.1 billion in construction plans, bring back inmates housed in other states and close one of its costliest facilities.

Plan Proposed to Improve California's Prison System, Save Billions of Dollars

Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued a statement following the release by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation of “The Future of California Corrections:

Realignment Impacts Space Issues for High Security Inmates

In 2011, California passed several bills that called for prison realignment in the state as a way to cut costs in the budget, as well as cut California’s prison population.

Experts Weigh In on the Pros and Cons of What AB 109 Means to Public-Private Partnerships

By Lisa Kopochinski
Signed by California Governor Jerry Brown less than a year ago in April 2011, assembly bill (AB) 109