California Report: An Early Look at Realignment Impacts

In the months following the enactment of California’s historic 2011 criminal justice realignment legislation, local governments have undoubtedly faced significant challenges. While it is too early to determine any successes of realignment, if fully and permanently funded, it has the opportunity to successfully cut costs, improve local law enforcement supervision, and improve offender outcomes. From a population management perspective, one of the most notable impacts is the increase in jail populations from the influx of realigned offenders since October 1st. In the planning stage for realignment, the California Department of Finance (DOF) made estimates for population increases that sheriffs’ departments could expect as a result of realigned inmate populations including new offenders and parole violators. A significant number of counties have reported jail population increases at a much higher rate than were expected based on DOF projections. It is possible this is the result of a short-term bubble or it could be a sign of something more troubling and systemic.

California Report: Court Rules on Overcrowding

By Nick Warner
The U.S Supreme Court upheld the order of a federal court that mandated that the state prison system reduce its population to

California Report: Budget Talks Continue

Nick Warner
California’s $25 billion budget deficit, and the development of solutions to close this gap, continues to be at the forefront of priorities for state and local government leaders.

California Report: Changes Afoot in Sacramento

By Nick Warner
The results of the statewide elections in November, coupled with the upcoming 2011 legislative session and a projected $25 billion budget deficit, creates a political backdrop that is expected to produce policy and fiscal challenges over the next year.

California Report, Nov. 2010

By Nick Warner
Following months of difficult budget discussions and failed negotiations, the California State Legislature finally approved a 2010-11 state budget, which the Governor signed on October 8, ending the longest budget impasse in California history.

California Report: Budget Woes

By Nick Warner
California’s budget impasse, and the associated policy and fiscal implications being considered before the state legislature, continue to be at the forefront of concern among local and state corrections representatives.

July California Report

By Nick Warner
June 30th marked the end of another fiscal year and the 17th time in the last two decades that the California state legislature missed its constitutional deadline to approve a balanced budget.