HIV Programs Cut From Mass. County Jails

A new concern has hit those in Massachusetts’ county jails. The state has recently eliminated more than $1 million for HIV testing and education in county jails.

Ore. Gov. Proposes Cuts to Youth Authority

The governor of Oregon has called for deep cuts to the budget of the Oregon Youth Authority - creating a scenario of removing 425 beds and eliminating more than 300 jobs.

California Report: Budget Woes Affect Corrections

By Nick Warner
California is projected to face a budget gap of $25.4 billion in 2011-12. A new budget proposes a major shift in the state-local relationship.

Brown Proposes Cuts to Calif. Prison Budget

Gov. Jerry Brown announced his proposed cuts to the 2011-12 California state budget, which include cuts to the state prison system.

Historic Washington Prison to Close

The historic McNeil Island Corrections Center in Washington will close next April due to budget cuts.

Cuts Leave Michigan Prison Towers Unmanned

State cutbacks have left many of Michigan's prison guard towers unmanned as improved technology and shrinking budgets make them as obsolete.