Missoula County Jail Opens Rec Area for Female, Juvenile Inmates

By Jessie Fetterling
Female and juvenile inmates at the Missoula County Detention Facility finally got what they wanted earlier this month. The county completed two outdoor recreation areas for juveniles and women incarcerated at the jail, giving them access to fresh air, sunlight and outdoor exercise — all of which had been previously unavailable to them.

California on Path to Drug Sentencing Reform

The California Assembly has passed a drug reform bill that would give counties more control in how to prosecute low-level nonviolent drug offenders.

East Mississippi Correctional Facility Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Mississippi is currently under scrutiny for the “less than ideal” conditions at East Mississippi Correctional Facility in Lauderdale County, Miss., near Meridian, Miss.

Federal Government Reviewing Solitary Confinement Practices

The Federal Bureau of Prisons recently agreed to conduct a comprehensive review of solitary confinement practices in its correctional facilities to determine the monetary and public safety repercussions of the current policy.

Maine Considers Putting Young Adults in Juvenile Facilities

Battle lines are being drawn around an unusual proposal to change laws in the state of Maine pertaining to where young adult inmates serve out their sentences.