Supporting Reentry through Video Visitation

By Alex and Dorothy Fox
A recent report by the Pew Research Center found that recidivism rates have remained largely stable, based on a comparison of inmates released from prison in 1999 and 2004. This is a discouraging statistic, given that reducing recidivism is integral to corrections’ core mission to protect the public.

Cell Phone Forensics: Recovery and Preservation

By Alex Fox and Dorothy Fox
The illegal introduction of cell phones into prisons continues to be a serious problem at the forefront of security concerns for corrections.

Data Analytics

By Alex Fox and Dorothy Fox
Advances in next generation technology are creating opportunities for agencies to transform their business processes and capitalize on data analytics tools.

Weapons Detection

By Alex Fox and Dorothy Fox
The use of weapons by inmates in correctional facilities poses one of the most serious and life-threatening problems facing our prison systems.

Cellular Contraband, Pt. 2

By Alex Fox
Security expert Alex Fox discusses the use of cell phone detection technology and other alternatives to jamming.

Cellular Contraband

By Alex Fox
The illicit introduction of cell phones into correctional facilities began to emerge as a serious problem with dangerous public-safety ramifications just a few short years ago.

Cell Phone Jamming

By Alex Fox
Communications jamming technology's role in deterring illicit cellular phones.

Meet the New Correctional News Columnist

Beginning in 2010, Alex Fox will author a regular technology column for Correctional News that will address issues and trends involved with technology at correctional facilities.