Mendocino County Seeks Post-Realignment Funding

By Jessie Fetterling
County jails will be competing for the about $500 million from Governor Jerry Brown’s 2015-2016 budget proposal allotted to the latest round of facilities funding to help offset the effects of California realignment, aka AB 109. Although the state has provided about $1.7 billion for new jail construction — $1.2 billion from AB 900 and $500 million from SB 1022 — since AB 109 was passed in 2011, not all of the counties needing help have received jail construction funding. One of those counties is Mendocino County in Northern California.

Adelanto Detention Center to Debut Over Budget

By Jessie Fetterling
The grand opening of the Adelanto Detention Center expansion project is scheduled for Feb. 6 and will debut the additional 1,392 beds being added to the existing 706-bed Adelanto facility.

Lake County Awarded $20 Million in State Funding

The state of California awarded $20 million in construction funding to Lake County for upgrades to the Hill Road Correctional Facility.

Riverside County Approves East County Detention Center Budget

Riverside County is moving ahead with its plans to expand the area’s jail facilities.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Seeks Grant for Jail Upgrades

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon presented a proposal to a committee in Sacramento earlier this month, requesting an $80 million grant to construct new housing units at the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center in Devore, Calif.

Riverside County Plans to Expand Jail Facilities

Talks are underway in Riverside County to expand the number of jail facilities in the area.

The New Breed of Facility

By Jeff Goodale
California is well known as the place where trends start, whether that is in technology, entertainment or other industries. Part of the dynamic that drives innovation and trend setting in California is the diversity and sheer number of people that live and work in one of the world’s largest economies.

California Report: Governor Releases 2012-13 Proposed Budget January 26, 2012

On January 5th, Governor Brown released his January proposed 2012-13 budget. A year ago, the state faced a $26.6 billion shortfall and future estimated annual budget gap of $20 billion.

Prison Realignment Sparks Lively Debate

By Lisa Kopochinski
It’s no surprise that AB109, California’s new inmate transfer bill — or “realignment” — is a contentious issue. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise when tempers remained relatively calm at a recent conference in Sacramento on this very topic, allowing for a constructive debate to take place between invited panelists and those in attendance.

California Report: An Early Look at Realignment Impacts

In the months following the enactment of California’s historic 2011 criminal justice realignment legislation, local governments have undoubtedly faced significant challenges. While it is too early to determine any successes of realignment, if fully and permanently funded, it has the opportunity to successfully cut costs, improve local law enforcement supervision, and improve offender outcomes. From a population management perspective, one of the most notable impacts is the increase in jail populations from the influx of realigned offenders since October 1st. In the planning stage for realignment, the California Department of Finance (DOF) made estimates for population increases that sheriffs’ departments could expect as a result of realigned inmate populations including new offenders and parole violators. A significant number of counties have reported jail population increases at a much higher rate than were expected based on DOF projections. It is possible this is the result of a short-term bubble or it could be a sign of something more troubling and systemic.