Water-Efficient Extractor

Pellerin Milnor offers RinSave water saver software for use with the V-series 40-pound to 160-pound capacity washer-extractors.

Detention Glazing

Dlubak Corp. is adding to its line of Forced Entry and Detention Glazing Products with UL Classified Fire Protection Rated Glazings.

Hale-Mills Construction

A full-service planning, programming design and construction firm, Houston-based Hale-Mills Construction has accumulated two decades of nationwide experience in the corrections sector and is at the forefront of innovative project financing initiatives through public-private partnership.

High-Efficiency Toilet

The high-efficiency toilet unit from Acorn Engineering is designed as a highly durable, compact, low-flush plumbing fixture for prisons and jails.

Security Lock Retrofit

Midwest Detention's swing-door locks are engineered as a direct replacement for other locks installed by multiple manufacturers from the 1940s through 1990s, according to the company.