Windham’s Female Re-Entry Project Ahead of Schedule

Mild temperatures have helped speed up construction on the new women’s re-entry center in Windham.

Ontario Continues Building Correctional Workforce

The Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services on Jan. 29 announced plans to recruit 180 new correctional officers to work throughout the province.

Obama Moves to Ban Youth Solitary Confinement

President Barack Obama on Jan. 25 authored an op-ed in The Washington Post decrying the use of solitary confinement for detained youth, calling the practice “an affront to our common humanity.”

Iredell County Plans for New Jail

Iredell County Commissioners unanimously voted to begin construction planning for a new county jail in Statesville.

Shasta County Jail to Open New Sobering Cell

Construction on a 90-square-foot sobering cell was recently completed on Dec. 29 at the Shasta County Jail in Redding.