Pa. Governor Halts Prison Project

By Helen Christophi
In an abrupt move, Gov. Tom Corbettt's administration scrapped plans for a $200 million prison construction project in Fayette County.

Increase Reported for Deaths at County Jails

By Alex Horvath
Inmate deaths are on the rise across the United States, triggering uproar in local communities and a spate of lawsuits against multiple jurisdictions.

AB 900 Groundbreaking in Calif.

An assortment of state and local dignitaries gathered outside the city of Adelanto for a groundbreaking ceremony that was held for the expanded Adelanto Detention Facility, which will add 1,368 new beds to the maximum-security facility.

Juvenile Justice Report

The Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice released its annual report calling for various reforms to the juvenile justice system in the United States.

Work Begins on Calif. Prison Medical Facility

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s new Health Care Facility in San Joaquin County, Calif.