Rooftop Control System

NexRev Inc., a leading manufacturer of performance-improving energy efficiency upgrades for HVAC equipment has developed the DrivePak Advanced Rooftop Control (ARC), an expanded model of the company’s DrivePak HVAC retrofit upgrade incorporating advanced controls that allow correctional and justice facilities to further capitalize the savings from DrivePak as well as additional prescriptive energy rebates and incentives.

Daylighting System

Energy-efficient, eco-friendly and affordable Solatube Daylighting Systems use a proprietary capture-transfer-delivery process to deliver natural light to places that were once thought impossible.

Green Cleaning Products

Earth Friendly Products is a leader in the development and production of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for both household and commercial/institutional.

Correctional Nurse Call System

Jeron Electronic Systems Inc. offers the Provider 680, a powerful and flexible integrated nurse call communications solution that can enhance staff workflow and patient safety in even the most demanding correctional and justice environments.

Hand Dryer

The Xlerator hand dryer by Excel Dryer offers more than a decade of proven performance and can help correctional and justice facilities earn LEED certification points.