Smart Key System

CyberKey Vault key control cabinets by CyberLock provide an intelligent way of controlling and dispensing CyberKey smart keys and are beneficial for high security applications where keys cannot leave the building.

Perimeter Protection System

Pythagoras 3 Tech by CIAS is a perimeter protection system that combines double or triple technology barriers: microwave, infrared and Doppler sensors, suitable for difficult installations such as long straight corridors or high-risk prisons.

Flooring Membrane

DriTac Flooring Products has introduced DriTac Eco-DriBloc Premium "Green" Moisture Control and Adhesive Isolation Membrane for resilient flooring installations in a variety of facilities.

Contraband Scanner

The B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanner by Ranger is a powerful tool used to keep contraband from being smuggled into correctional facilities via body cavities.

Building Automation System

Johnson Controls offers a variety of HVAC, building and facilities management services for correctional and justice facilities, including Metasys, the world’s leading building automation system.