Correctional Flooring

Silikal resin flooring and coating products are highly durable and easy to install, making them ideal for application in active correctional facilities.

Hand-Hygiene System

Ecolab helps employers combat infectious disease transmission while also managing costs with the Nexa Concentrates hand-hygiene system.

Meal Delivery Cart

The Correctional Tall Meal Delivery Cart by Kirby contains three compartments holding 14-by-11-inch base trays and is used to transport meal tray from the kitchen to inmates.

Hand and Skin Sanitizer

For more than 60 years Edmar Chemical Company has been serving the correctional and institutional hygiene markets with infection control products and a complete line of EPA registered textile sanitizers, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, disinfectants, mildewcide, antimicrobial cleaners and odor control products.

Rooftop Control System

NexRev Inc., a leading manufacturer of performance-improving energy efficiency upgrades for HVAC equipment has developed the DrivePak Advanced Rooftop Control (ARC), an expanded model of the company’s DrivePak HVAC retrofit upgrade incorporating advanced controls that allow correctional and justice facilities to further capitalize the savings from DrivePak as well as additional prescriptive energy rebates and incentives.