Outdoor Furniture

Hilltop Series products from Norix Group Inc. have been outdoor tested in the extremes of icy winters to the intense heat of the Southwest to the salt air of the oceans.

Cell Phone Detector

Cellsense detects all cell phones, on or off, with or without batteries, concealed on or within the body.

Finger Guard Door Liner

Zero International’s new Finger Guard door liner protects users from finger injuries along the door edge and frame, and is ideal for either interior or exterior applications.

Cleaning System

Sunburst Chemicals offers the MSL Modular Solid Laundry dispensing system, an expandable dispenser offering as many as six adaptable modules.

Durable Footwear

The heavy black canvas high tops from Cornerstone Detention Products Inc. have four Velcro straps and contain no plastic or metal.