Portable Containment System

The Airlift Capable Prisoner Containment System (ACPCS) by Perimeter Security Products is designed to securely seat, restrain, isolate and control an individual under legal apprehension.

Video Management System

OnSSI and Spectra Logic have formed a technology partnership designed to deliver the advanced performance and functionality of OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 Video Management System (VMS) combined with Spectra Logic’s Spectra Verde Network Attached Storage (NAS) platform.

Hand Dryer

World Dryer Corp., a leading manufacturer of electric hand dryers, now offers the durable, vandal-resistant VERDEdri, an all-in-one high-speed hand dryer that meets a variety of requirements.

Kitchen Equipment

C&T Design and Equipment Co. of Indianapolis offers a variety of food preparation, storage, cooking and washing equipment for correctional and detention facilities.

Window Covering

TempShield is an emergency preparedness tool used in correctional facilities to improve emergency response during lockdowns, and can immediately assist staff in isolating, containing and managing inmates.