Inmate Property Storage

Montel has pioneered high-density mobile storage systems in North America providing cost-efficient storage solutions using less space.

Inmate Property Storage System

As corrections facilities become more crowded, inmate property rooms can become cramped and unorganized.

Audio/Video Security System

The AX Series integratable audio/video security system by Aiphone supports up to eight interior master stations and 120 door or interior stations.

Concrete Insulation Systems

Modern correctional projects face many challenges. Security is paramount, but durability, energy efficiency, constructability and cost containment are also important.

Chemical Trace Detector

FLIR Systems Inc. now offers the Griffin 844, the latest addition to its Griffin 800-series desktop chemical trace detector product line used to screen personal belongings, parcels, cargo, skin, vehicles, and other surfaces for explosives and narcotics threats.