Perimeter Security System

The Gallagher Perimeter Security System HLI (High Level Interface) supports the configuration, control and monitoring of Gallagher security fence controllers, alarm keypads and fence zones. Gallagher security electric fence systems deliver multi-zoned, multi-site perimeter security.

Contraband Scanner

The B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanner by Ranger is a powerful tool used to keep contraband from being smuggled into correctional facilities via body cavities.

Secure Roof Hatch

Nystrom Security roof hatches provide safe, easy, and convenient personnel roof access for correctional facilities.

Steel Concealment System

The Interlock Concealment System by JG Innovations is an economical alternative to typical drywall soffit applications and provides a secure, streamlined cover shield for exposed building mechanicals.

Seamless Flooring System

The 1100 Seamless Flooring System by Sunbelt Flooring Inc. provides an easy flooring option for correctional kitchens, infirmaries, cells, restrooms and hallways.