Modular Cells

SPS modular jail and prison cells are a technological advancement over precast and traditional steel cells.

Durable Food Trays

Cook’s 626SS Flex Tray is a durable meal tray that also protects against inmate injury.

Correctional-Grade Cleaning Supplies

Tuway offers a full line of security-friendly cleaning tools that put equal emphasis on performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Corrosion Resistant Door

The Chase Corrections Corrosion Resistant Gate Door is ideal for use in shower and lavatory areas of correctional and institutional facilities.

Perimeter Security System

The Gallagher Perimeter Security System HLI (High Level Interface) supports the configuration, control and monitoring of Gallagher security fence controllers, alarm keypads and fence zones. Gallagher security electric fence systems deliver multi-zoned, multi-site perimeter security.