Keyless Split Sample Cup

uVera Diagnostics recently introduced the CR3 Keyless Split Sample Cup. The new drug screening specimen cup is easy to use for both genders, according to the company. The cup opens at an angle with a snap-secure lid, and a non-reversible sample split device at the bottom, preserving the rest of the sample for additional testing, if necessary.

Cell Slider

Airteq Systems, a division of Norment Security Group, offers its newly redesigned 120 VAC electro-mechanical sliding device to replace the existing 7150 and 7120 models.

Razor Wire

Razor Wire International’s Rapid Deployment Unit is designed for fast and easy setup of razor wire material at 300 linear feet of standard long-barb razor wire in a three-stack pyramid.

Wood Grain Finish

Trussbilt announces the addition of a wood grain finish option for its security hollow metal products.

Security Shelving System

Molded out of specially formulated, high-impact, fire-retardant polyethylene, Attenda Open Chest from Norix is a durable, open-face shelving system for intensive-use applications in critical environments.

Security Ceilings

Kane Screens superior detention products are a direct result of 100 years of manufacturing experience. Standard security ceiling options include frame lengths of 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’.

Visitation Station

Norix offers InteleStation series of secure wall- and floor-mount cabinets, incorporating a .375-inch polycarbonate protective view screen as standard, designed to protect video visitation units.

Security Lock Retrofit

Midwest Detention's swing-door locks are engineered as a direct replacement for other locks installed by multiple manufacturers from the 1940s through 1990s, according to the company.

High-Efficiency Toilet

The high-efficiency toilet unit from Acorn Engineering is designed as a highly durable, compact, low-flush plumbing fixture for prisons and jails.

Video Visitation

The video visitation unit from Montgomery Technology Inc. houses a 17-inch LCD monitor and a 380 TV LOR camera protected by a 0.375-inch thick sheet of Plexiglas.