Fingerprinting Device

Datastrip Inc. introduces the DSV2+TURBO handheld biometric terminal. The GSA-approved model is designed for federal, state and local officials requiring instant ID authentication and biometric processing. It processes several card types, including PIV, TWIC and CAC, by reading contact and contactless chips found on identification documents, such as driver licenses, passports, credit cards, healthcare cards and national ID cards. The unit features a 508-dpi, GSA FIPS 201-certified fingerprint sensor, a high-resolution touchscreen, an extended-life battery for long shifts, barcode scanning, proximity and magnetic stripe carding. It is WiFi and Bluetooth capable, and weather- and drop-resistant.

Portable Motion Sensor

UltraVision Security Systems Inc. introduces the MicroDetectorT personal motion detector, a portable, rechargeable motion-sensing device. The unit allows monitoring via an off-premise receiver, eliminating the need for law enforcement officials to remain in cleared rooms. The device is placed in a cleared area and provides a signal to PDAs, PCs and pagers, notifying officials if there is a change in the secured area. The unit has a 25-foot, omni-directional range and is capable of covering one standard-sized room. It is 4.5 inches in diameter, 1.5 inches thick and weighs 8 ounces. Using microwave technology, it performs instantaneous motion sensing operations without prior setup or installation and is activated by an on/off switch located in the middle of the unit.

Safety Goggles

DeWalt manufactures the Concealer protective goggle for use in job site construction, woodworking, sanding and machinery operation. Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses come in two shades: clear anti-fog and smoke anti-fog and meet ANSI Z87.1+ standards with 99.9 percent UVA/UVB protection. A clip attachment allows for easy lens replacement while a built-in ventilation channel helps fight fogging. The goggle's dual-molded rubber material helps to keep debris away from the eye, and an adjustable cloth elastic head strap helps to keep the goggle in place.

Seismic Detectors

Bosch Security Systems Inc. introduced two new seismic detectors, the ISN-SM-50 and ISN-SM-80. With their patented SENSTEC sensor and micro-controller-based signal processing system, they are designed for the 24-hour monitoring of safes, ATMs, night deposits and strong room walls and doors. The units can detect attacks, such as explosives or attempted entry with tools, including diamond-tipped drills, flame cutters, mechanical and hydraulic pressure tools, thermal lances and water jets. They can be used on concrete, steel or synthetic materials. Accessories include a mounting plate, wall recess set, watertight housing and antidrill foils. An optional software program, SensTool PC, allows the user to program parameters.

Security Flashlight

The new Top Gun Mark 1 is a professional in-car rechargeable LED tactical flashlight designed for law enforcement, security, armed forces and emergency services from AE Light. It is manufactured from black anodized aluminum and is powered by a lithium ion, 7.4V, 2200 mAh battery. A dual switch feature provides side and rear switches with several power options. Run time is more than five hours on 100 percent brightness, more than 20 hours at 25 percent power and 30 hours of strobe with a two-hour recharge time. An in-car mountable cradle charger features a 7-28V DC input with hard wire or cigarette socket lead, which all come with the flashlight. A torch, battery and belt carry pouch are also included. An orange control wand with blue end cap and a 100/240VAC charger are available as options.

Safety Vests

Radians offers a new line of safety vests for construction, safety gear and job site supply distributors. Made for law enforcement, emergency response and construction zone crews, the Radwear vest line is Class 2 ANSI rated. It is available in polyester mesh to close-weaved knit in Hi-Viz orange or green. Two-inch reflective stripes are on the front and back of the vests, providing increased visibility for day and night work. The vests feature an adjustable front closure with hook and loop fastening material and elastic side straps.

Protective Garment

DuPont Tychem QC for Corrections was designed specifically for the corrections market and cell extraction to protect against biohazards and viral contaminants when working with inmates. It features taped seams and secure zippers, and is made with fabric and seams that pass the ASTM guidelines for resistance to bloodborne viruses. The garment is available in low-visibility gray to provide contrast against inmate clothing. It is oversized to fit over protective gear, including stab-resistant vests, elbow pads and lower leg protection. Reader Service # 200

Camera Illuminator

Extreme CCTV releases the Black Diamond line, a high-fidelity series of infrared illuminators that enable night vision capabilities for CCTV units. It incorporates even illumination, asymmetric optimization and micro-fraction lens technologies into its lighting. The line works to reduce over and under exposure and to increase the range and horizontal beam width of illumination. It allows nighttime function of video analytics and minimizes power consumption.

Buried Cable Sensor

Southwest Microwave has added the Intrepid MicroTrack buried cable sensor to its lines of perimeter detection systems. The MicroTrack system detects the walking, running, jumping and crawling of individuals and tracks their location to within 10 feet. Each system consists of a processor unit and two pairs of buried cables that can secure up to 400 meters. Each cable pair consists of one transmitter and one receiver, which are buried 4 inches to 9 inches underground. Features include software-controlled detection zones and site-adaptive sensitivity leveling.

Infrared Security System

Oldcastle Security added Perimbar, an infrared perimeter security system, to their line of perimeter protection products. The system uses prewired towers, which stand between 1 meter and 5 meters high and have a range of up to 50 feet. The towers contain transmitters that collect energy from receivers up to 492 feet away. When an intruder breaks these beams, an alarm is set off. It cannot be covered, masked or blocked without setting off the alarm. The system can be added to an existing physical barrier by placing it inside of or on top of the perimeter. An optional beam pattern can be activated for high-level intruder detection.