Visitor Badging

TEMPbadges from Temtec are self-expiring ID's that change color when no longer valid and are now available with the One-Write Sign-In system. The system is designed for visitor and contractor sign-in because it creates a permanent log-in record at the same time that it creates a temporary ID badge. The process takes less than a minute.

Biometric Screening

Sarnoff Corp. offers the IOM PassPort, a biometric checkpoint screening system that utilizes iris scanning and recognition technology to verify identity in the tracking and movement of inmates. The system scans subjects in motion and has a throughput of up to 30 people per minute. It can also be utilized for staff identity verification and visitor management purposes, according to the company.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Solutions Inc. offers the Secotec Multisensor Perimeter Intrusion Detection System utilizing a standard twisted-pair copper cable as a detection sensor. The cable, which is attached to a standard mesh or barbed wire fence or placed underground, reacts to mechanical stress induced by climbing, spreading, or cutting.Microprocessor-based control electronics enable the user to adjust the detection parameters to custom requirements. The sensor can be adjusted to ignore all non-intrusion disturbances and fence movement. Very small intrusion signals will, however, still be detected, the company says.Secotec Multisensor can have detection zones up to 1,000m in length and is available in both a hardwired (HWS) or computerized multiplexed (CMS) version. The HWS version uses dry contact relays as alarm outputs and is suitable for simple installations and for integration into existing systems.Contact Perimeter Solutions Inc.

Infrared Illuminator

Videoalarm introduces a fully adjustable infrared illuminator for outdoor nighttime video surveillance. The IR200-36 allows users to customize illumination distances and beam angles, eliminating the need to replace the unit as surveillance needs or environments change. Distances of up to 660 feet can be illuminated, and the projecting beam angle can be manually adjusted to 30, 45 or 60 degrees using a flathead screwdriver. The product’s power setting reduces possible hot spots and washouts associated with day/night surveillance cameras, according to the manufacturer. Housed in weather-resistant aluminum and polycarbonate, the illuminator weighs 3.5 pounds and measures 11.5 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches. An integrated light sensor automatically activates and deactivates the product’s infrared function. Other features include multiple power settings, surge protection, an automatic fan for heat dissipation and an optional bracket-and-mount kit.

Perimeter Security

Oldcastle Security offers two new additions to its perimeter security product line, with Guardtower, a non-lethal fence sensing device, and IP6000, an induced pulse high-voltage security electric fence controller. Guardtower detects wire movement in any direction, including in and out, side to side and wire spread caused by climbing. It also detects cut wire or a severed communications link. IP6000 is designed to deter and delay escapees or intruders with a short, high-voltage shock. The product also serves a detection device by monitoring perimeter fencing for cut wires or shorting.

Remote Surveillance Robot

ReconRobotics introduces the Recon Scout IR, a remote-controlled robot with infrared technology designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and crisis response in correctional and criminal justice facilities. The impact-resistant unit is activated using a grenade-style pin-pull mechanism and can be thrown into place or fired from a tear-gas launcher. A black and white image sensor offers 60-degree horizontal and vertical fields of view and object-image capture at distances up to 25 feet. The unit’s infrared optical systems engage automatically in low ambient light and provide images in blackout conditions. A handheld controller allows remote operation of the robot, which transmits real-time video footage, at distances of up to 100 feet in interior spaces. The robot, which is 7.4 inches in length and weighs 1.2 pounds, operates at 20 decibels and features a titanium shell for impact resistance at heights of up to 30 feet, according to the manufacturer.

Security Tower

Correctional officers and facility operators can monitor daily operations, secure the perimeter and protect property with PK Structures from Porta-King. The customizable security towers are designed for use along perimeters and monitoring practice ranges at correctional facilities. The company provides consultation service and installation support for each project, including drawings for approval and on-site review before fabrication of a tower. The structures are available in prefabricated steel or anodized aluminum to shelter personnel and equipment. All clips and angles used to assemble the towers are welded onto the appropriate structural steel components at the factory, reducing on-site assembly time, according to the manufacturer. Structures can be painted with polyurethane acrylic paint or an optional corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel finish. All products are designed in compliance with the 2006 International Building Code and will meet area wind and seismic requirements, the company says.


Modu-Built Industries Inc. teamed with Stamm Manufacturing to produce Modu-Built Vantage, an elevated officer booth. The booth is fiberglass and mounted on a trailer with a scissor lift. It’s height ranges from eye level to 25 feet, providing the ability to monitor crowds and perimeters. The booth can be built to meet customer specifications. It is 5-feet wide and 5-feet, 7-feet or 9-feet long. It features lights, HVAC and has several custom options including cameras, flood lights, graphics, furniture and trailer upgrades.

Security Fence System

The Guardian Fence System by Payne is an interlocking modular security perimeter and segregation fence system composed of rigid metal mesh materials. The design provides trenchless integration of tamper-detection, communications and security-lighting systems. Fiber optic and cabling components are shielded from weathering and vandalism with the system’s steel rails. The system can incorporate restrictive components, such as barbed-tape concertina and cable-based anti-crash elements.

Audio/Visual Alarm

Gentex Corporation manufacturers the SSPKWLP Series of wall-mount, 24VDC speaker/strobes. The series offers evacuation signaling and visual alarms that meet ADA and NFPA requirements for audio, visual and voice communications. Available in a red or white faceplate, the units mount to a standard 4-inch x 2.125-inch deep back box or the Gentex GBLP surface box. The series provides a 25 or 70.7 VRMs speaker; tamperproof selectable candelas of 15, 30, 60, 75 and 110 watts; a fixed 15/75 candela unit; a frequency range of 400 to 4,000Hz; and field selectable power taps of 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W, 2W and 4W.