Electric Scooter

The T3 Series Personal Electric Mobility system from T3Motion runs on an electric DC motor with four battery package options that allow for different ranges, from 15 miles to 75 miles. It uses clean energy with zero gas emissions, two removable batteries and has a three-hour charging time on 100V. The unit is 53.5 inches long and 53.3 inches wide. A 9-inch raised platform offers increased visibility and a 0-degree turning radius creates agility. It reaches a top speed of 25 mph. It features integrated LED lighting, including headlights, brake lights, running and emergency lights. Controls and amenities include a hand brake, accelerator, instrument panel for the speedometer, odometer and battery indicator, a keyed glove box, siren and lighting controls.

Food Delivery System

The Chuckwagon from Cortech is a fully insulated correctional food tray delivery cart. Designed to accommodate miscellaneous food service related items, the cart can hold more than 100 of the company's insulated food trays. The cart is a one-piece, double-wall rotationally molded housing with a door system. It is filled with insulating foam for increased durability and temperature retention and features a reinforced molded bottom with recessed tamperproof caster assembly. Reader Service # 204

Food Cart

The Chuckwagon from Cortech is a fully insulated correctional food tray delivery cart. Designed to accommodate miscellaneous food service related items, the cart can hold more than 100 of the company's insulated food trays. The cart is a one-piece, double-wall rotationally molded housing and door system filled with insulating foam for increased durability and temperature retention. It features a 10-gauge kitchen-grade stainless steel base and kingpin-less casters.

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Mercury Waste Solutions offers the LampTracker DualGuard fluorescent lamp recycling system for short-term storage, shipping and recycling of mercury-containing fluorescent lamps. The container features a sturdy dual-box design that provides protection for lamps during storage and transportation. The system also provides protection to individuals against lamp breakage and contact with hazardous materials. The company offers online tracking to ensure compliance. Customers can order the prepaid box containers online, which are delivered with bilingual instructions for assembly. Customized systems include automatic container replenishment, notifications and documentation. Containers are available for 4-, 6-, and 8-foot fluorescent lamps, u-bend lamps and compacts.

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Air Cycle offers the Bulb Eater fluorescent bulb crushing system to meet disposal needs. The OSHA- and EPA-compliant units are designed to make disposal and recycling processes more efficient, improving bulb storage, handling and safety/liability issues. The fully contained Bulb Eater system crushes spent bulbs in seconds, compacting them into specially designed 55-gallon containers. It uses a two-stage filtration process that captures 99.99 percent of released mercury vapor and particulate matter. The HEPA filter captures of particulate matter and a carbon filter neutralizes the mercury vapor by transforming it into non-hazardous mercury sulfide. The product comes in two models; the Vapor Removal System 55 capable of processing straight bulbs of any length and dimension and the VRS-U 55 model, which is capable of processing both straight and u-shaped bulbs. Air Cycle will arrange for pickup and transportation of full storage containers for recycling at contracted facilities.


Stero introduces the Ecorinse series of conveyor warewashers, high-temperature systems that use less water and energy to operate. The series uses a two-stage final rinse system, consisting of 1/4-horsepower motor pumps at 165 degrees and 20psi of 180-degree water. It uses 18,000 watts less of electrical current than standard washers to maintain the final rinse. The number of clean racks produced per hour with Erorinse is 10 percent more than the current Stero model, and gallons of water used during the final rinse is reduced by 59 percent from current models. The series features a welded stainless steel frame and front enclosure panels, rack-activated auto start and automatic shut-off.

Fire-rated Wiring System

Thomas & Betts' Steel City fire-rated poke-through system provides functional floor-level power and communications in commercial buildings for wiring configurations. It is available in three- and four-inch core drill sizes and offers an organized system for telephone jacks, AC adaptors and other outlet needs. It enables the user to modify and upgrade the system without exposure to power compartments. The system is available in solid brass and aluminum finishes as well as four powder-coat finishes of black, grey, beige and brown. It can be used for power and communications wiring in a single access point to feed modular furniture, and for flush power and communications.

Cordless Drill and Wrench

The Hilti SID 144-A impact driver and SIW 144-A impact wrench are cordless and compact tools used for access into tight and hard-to-reach areas. They are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that indicate to the user how much longer the battery will continue to operate before it needs to be recharged. The driver has a torque rating of up to 1,240 inch-pounds and is good for fastening in interior finishing, HVAC duct and electrical applications. The wrench features a torque rating of 1,370 inch-pounds and supplies reliable power when tightening bolts and couplers. Both tools are equipped with drop-resistant casings and a triple LED system that is built into the nose of the tool to illuminate dark areas.  

Grease Interceptors

Schier Products Company introduces two product lines of engineered thermoplastic grease traps. The Trapper II series features a wet inlet and can handle 10 to 100 gallons per minute. The Great Basin series has a dry inlet, a 33-inch narrow footprint, and can handle up to 500 gallons per minute. Both series have built-in flow control, three outlet options, and low maintenance cost. Both are heavy-duty polyethylene, can be installed above or below grade and provide larger grease storage.

Sliding Deal Tray

Shure Manufacturing Corporation designs the Shuresafe Model #670094 sliding tray that features a stationary base with a sliding steel tray. When installed in a countertop with a solid wall below and a glass security window above it, the tray works as a pass-through system. The tray is ideal for high-risk areas where items need to be exchanged. All models have a curved interior for easy object removal. Units have a stainless steel brushed finish and are shipped assembled.