Laundry Cart

The new 101P bulk linen cart from Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., is rotationally molded of polyethylene in a single piece to eliminate welds, fasteners and other components that can wear and weaken during operation. It can pack loads up to 800 pounds and comes standard with a powder-coated, full-perimeter steel base and industrial strength casters. It features a hinged shelving system that allows one person to convert its two plastic shelves from its horizontal clean linen delivery position to its vertical soiled linen return position without removing the shelves. The unit is available in standard and custom colors and with a variety of options including brakes, tow hitches and molded-in graphics.

Meal Cart

Dinex introduces the Meals on Command mobile hot/cold cart, a cook/serve tray system that allows trays of food to be assembled and stored in advance. It maintains HACCP standard food temperatures for extended holding times, keeping hot foods hot on one side and cold foods refrigerated on the other. Constructed of stainless steel, the cart holds 20 divided trays and uses 120v of power.

Windshield Tag

The RFID Windshield Tag from Metalcraft delivers long read range for automating access control to secured parking and other gated areas. It does not require a foam standoff and is 4-inches x 1-inch. The tag is an adhesive label that provides more than 18 feet using a passive KSW Microtec-developed windshield inlay. It encapsulates the inlay between thin layers of polypropylene, adding a bar code and legible information on one side and adhesive to the other. This reduces the effects of electrostatic discharge and protects from UV rays.

Cleaning Products

Tornado introduces a new line of professional cleaning products, including vacuum cleaners, floor machines and air movers. The company is also expanding its distributors and service centers. New product lines include rotary floor machines with rotationally molded housing; rotationally molded high-speed burnishers; HEPA-filter upright vacuum cleaners that weigh eight pounds; variable-speed air movers for drying carpets; and metal floor machines that include pad holders as standard equipment.

Laundry Chute

Precision AirConvey introduces the new Q-Chute load station for automated waste and linen handling systems. It allows the loading, accumulation and staging of bagged refuse and/or soiled laundry by the cartload for time release into a shaft for moving the load into a compactor or laundry room. The chute is set up on each floor of a facility with separate access points, reducing staff work load and the movement of germs and odors. The chute is computer-operated and designed with a slide-gate system that opens to funnel bags into the conveying shaft while simultaneously sealing off the staging area to prevent air infiltration. It features a secure entry system that requires a PIN number to unlock the load station.

Primer & Topcoat

VpCI-375 from Cortec Corporation is a water-based one-coat system that is designed to be a primer and a topcoat. It is a complex mixture of nontoxic organic inhibitors and can be applied by spray, roll, brush or dip. Providing a fast-drying thixotropic coating that is sag- and run-resistant, the paint offers multi-metal protection for indoor and outdoor conditions. Industrial uses include structural steel, aluminum, storage tanks, bar joists, handrails, piping, conveyors, fencing and machinery. It is available in 5-gallon and 55-gallon metal drums, liquid totes and bulk. The paint's UV resistance helps to prevent cracking and chipping under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Remote Door Access

Matrix Systems manufactures the Reader Control Module with Power over Ethernet for securing remote entryway access, which serves as an alternate power supply for new door readers, door controllers and door strikes. The PoE transmits electrical power and data to remote devices over an Ethernet network's twisted pair CAT5 cables. The product is compliant with IEEE 802.2af standards and is designed to operate with new and existing Matrix software and hardware access control and security products.

Spill Kit Storage Container

The Pig See-Thru Wall-Mount Spill Kit from New Pig Corporation is a trunk-style container packed with absorbents to soak up oil, coolant, solvent and water spills. It features a lockable snap-tight lid that protects contents from dirt and moisture. Made from polypropylene, the walls of the container are transparent and allow employees to check inventory levels. The kit hangs securely on the wall for increased floor space and can be easily removed to clean up spills in other locations. It is available in MRO, haz-mat and oil-only styles and includes a variety of the company's absorbents, a wall-mounted bracket, a spill station sign, basic personal protective equipment and disposal bags with ties.

Leaf Collection Hoses

Flexaust has added a complete line of lawn and leaf collection hoses to its collection of landscaping equipment. Designed to meet OEM material requirements, the hoses are available in 2 inches to 24 inches and 60 mm to 300 mm sizes, depending upon the product they will be attached to. The hoses are reinforced with a coated-spring steel wire helix, and are offered in Flx-Thane MD medium-weight clear or black polyurethane, Flx-Thane HD heavy-wall black or translucent blue polyurethane, which is puncture- and UV-resistant, and HT-W Santoprene thermoplastic rubber with a yellow external wearstrip. Custom color matching and end finished are available.

Hand Sanitizing Lotion

Safe4Hours is an alcohol-free sanitizing lotion that kills 99.9 percent of germs on hands and skin that can spread illness. It is effective against MRSA, E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Strep, Staph, VRE and C. diff. To use, wash and dry hands if dirt is visible, apply a dime-size amount of lotion in palm and rub in until dry. The sanitizing agents are effective for up to four hours and withstand hand washing. It contains aloe and coconut oil, but no silicone, petroleum or wax. Available in 2-ounce and 8-ounce bottles and 16.9-ounce bags, the lotion is nontoxic and nonflammable.